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About us

I began guiding after college in 1998 for a fishing outfit on the remote west side of Andros, Bahamas. We hosted groups of anglers primarily bonefishing, but often dedicated much time hunting some of the few resident Bahama tarpon. As a guide I regularly observed the extreme enthusiasm anglers would have for the one or two tarpon we encountered. Amusing, I found it, knowing my stomping ground in the nearby Florida Keys was covered up with tarpon, and Florida bonefish and permit are abundant and bigger than anywhere else on earth.

Subsequently, near the end of every season I made an early departure from the Bahamian camp to return to my home waters to guide independently and have some of my own reel time. Groups of anglers I met were interested in fishing the Keys but found or had heard of drawbacks: Logistics are difficult for groups - coordinating several independent guides' schedules, hotel rooms, restaurants, rental cars, etc. I had also heard a lot of hubbub about boat traffic and crowded flats. But these problems had solutions, so after seven years I left my Bahamas job and resolved to create the perfect Florida Keys fishing alternative.

The Bahia Honda Sporting Club is the response to a demand for the best. We are located in the Lower Keys and away from most of the busy boat traffic. Our guides are friendly, patient, and excellent fishermen. Our lodge is luxurious and very comfortable, allowing for the privacy, flexibility, and fellowship not found with hotel rooms. Our Chef's cuisine is a convenient service and privilege to enjoy. But our most unique feature is that all eating, sleeping, and fishing schedules are flexible and determined by our guests.

Currently we are the only inclusive fishing lodge in the Keys, and the perfect Florida Keys fishing experience.

Your Host, Gordon Baggett
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Our Chef, Bill
Chef Bill is a local fixture in the area, a legend behind the scenes. He became famous by his expertise both in extraordinary cusine, and his warm personality. His passion is his unique dishes created for each guest; he's fulfilled by each smiling guest after dessert.
Our manager, Angela
As your hostess and manager of the lodge, Angela is here to ensure our guests experience the best in quality of service. She handles everything from our schedule to lighting your cigars. Angela has a warm personality, a great attitude, and an eye for luxurious hospitality.
Email:  Fish@BahiaHhondaClub.com   Phone: (305) 395-0009


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